September 1, 2011

Cloud Scenarios Driving US Business

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More than a marketing buzzword, the “cloud” is simply how people do business these days.  Consider these powerful trends:

  • Cloud leader recently posted a record quarter and its growth—1.5 million paying customers—shows no end in sight.
  • The federal government is aggressively moving to the cloud—potentially moving a fourth of its total $80B IT spend there.
  • The internet’s biggest retailer, Amazon, is quietly becoming the world’s biggest cloud storage and hosting provider.

As I write this, members of the RunE2E team are attending two of the largest events in cloud and virtualization technology:  Dreamforce and VMWorld—and the emails coming back from these conferences speak of vast new opportunities for growth.

RunE2E is already helping SAP customers navigate a variety of cloud scenarios through consultative workshops and cloud development projects. The company also has inked partnerships with Amazon Web Services and VMWare to resell their products and services.

There will high-profile outages, security breaches and skeptics—all have been part of the maturation of the cloud over the past decade—but there’s no stopping it.  Cloud computing is already huge, and is about to get much, much larger.