July 11, 2012

Mobile Growth Takes Center Stage in IT

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At this point in the Apple/Android takeover of the IT world, it would be hard to find someone who wasn’t bullish on the future of mobile. But if you do happen to stumble upon someone in your business who thinks you should be sitting on the sidelines relative to a mobility strategy, then then simply show them this presentation from March 2012 by influential analyst Henry Blodgett.

The growth of mobile to date has been staggering, and its future is even more eye-popping. Consider these facts from Mr. Blodgett:

  • Mobile app sales are a $10B market and growing at 100% a year
  • Smartphone sales now surpass PC sales—for the first time ever
  • Half of all phones sold are ‘smartphones’ and 88% of Americans now own a cellphone
  • Almost 40% of Americans say they have bought something using their mobile device

The implications for US business are profound and companies must now quickly catch up to consumer trends in app use and mobile device choice. Equally important, companies now have new opportunities to use mobility for productivity gains and competitive advantages. (For example, check out this list off huge iPad deployments by major corporate accounts.)

Our latest venture, RunMobile, targets the mobile market with three core solutions: mobile app development, mobile device management and mobility consulting for the enterprise. All are important needs for businesses to consider and all are areas of growth and endless possibility.